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Online Courses for eliminating doubt, harnessing your strengths, and getting on the path to the happiest, most successful years of your life.

Turn Challenge Into Opportunity

With our Highly Rated Online Courses

This course will teach you how to…

  • Get unshakably clear on your next bold move in life… even if you’re unsure what that is yet.
  • Eliminate the doubt, fears, and mental blocks holding you back, and get the life, love, and career you DESERVE!
  • End the cycles of burnout and exhaustion, reclaim balance, and find room for what matters most in your life.
  • Discover your great purpose, leverage your gifts and strengths, and leave a LEGACY you’ll look back on and smile about.
  • Transform your big goals into simple daily steps that make your dreams not only manageable, but INEVITABLE.

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What our Students are Saying

Become the Person You’re Proud of.

Our online courses don’t just build your dreams, they also build YOU!

Discover Your Greatest Strength and Confidence.

One of my favorite teachers Jim Rohn taught that “our income does not far exceed our personal development.” 

Over the years I’ve learned that not only was he spot on with this, the same principle extends into our marriage, our health, and our capacity for fulfillment and joy.

That is why EVERY course we teach focuses on developing the necessary character strengths, habits, and unshakable confidence you need to reach for the stars.

Build a Future For Those You Care About Most.

If I had to choose my favorite life lesson over the past 25+ years as a leader, coach, and teacher, it would be this:

“Whatever you study, improves.” 

Meaning: If you study the secrets of happiness, you become happier. If you study communication in marriage, you become a better communicator in your marriage, AND if you study life design and the secrets to achieving your wild potential, goals, and dreams…

[yep, you got it]

This is why we decided to take all the greatest teachings and exercises from our life coaching programs, distill them down into structured courses, and offer them to you at a fraction of the cost.

Because we know it will become the key to building a bright future for those you care about most.

Win in Every Arena of Life

If you’re like us, you want it all…

A lucrative career, loving relationships, AND lifelong health. 

You don’t want to have to compromise… but there is only so much time and energy in a day…

Yes that’s true, AND there is a way to have your cake and eat it too!

Each course we create (oh, and we’ve got more coming soon) focuses on the teachings of essentialism – how to prioritize what’s most important in each season of your life, then establish the routines and systems that create unstoppable progress in each area.

You can have it all. I’ll show you how.

Bring Your Great Work Into the World

This is why we exist as a company… to see you bring your great work into the world.

For you, that great work may be the business you feel called to build, the book you feel called to write, the children you feel called to raise, the love and memories you leave in the hearts of those you care about most, or the lasting and positive impact you have on your community.

This is ALL part of your legacy, your great work, and if we can play even a small part in those dreams coming to life, and seeing the flame of your greatness shine its light in the world…

Well, that would more than make our day.

Find the Path that's Uniquely Yours

We’ve coached leaders and high-performers in every industry, across multiple continents, and here’s the big lesson we’ve learned…

We’re all wired a little differently.

We have different ways our brain absorbs information, and different approaches for going after our goals – some have a bias for swift action, while others have a bias for detailed planning.

But what all we have in common, is a desire to win.

For this reason, our courses leave room for planners to plan, provide quick actions for do-ers to do, and speak deeply to the heart so feelers can feel.

There are many paths to the top of the mountain. Well help you find the path that’s uniquely yours.

Meet Patrick, Your New Teacher

Life and Business Coach | Proud Father and Husband | Founder of Legacy Life.

Hi I’m Patrick, nice to meet you.

For the past 25+ years, I’ve been obsessed with serving the world by developing greatness in others.

Bio: I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology, coached executive leaders in Fortune 500 companies around the world, and I’ve devoured more books on happiness, human potential, and high performance than I care to admit. (total nerd, I know)

Through all of this, ONE question has guided my journey:

Why is it that some people make it to the top, while others relegate themselves to the mud of the land?  

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Truth is, that’s a big question and one human beings have been wrestling with for thousands of years.

Good news is, we now have a well-established science of happiness and well-being, evidence-based psychology of success, and role models of human flourishing in every endeavor of life, spanning each continent and culture.

Like I said, good news.

Want to hear the ultimate irony? These “modern discoveries” of the secrets to living the good life precisely echo the wisdom teachings from the great philosophers and religious traditions over the past 3000 years.

[full circle. nice]

As a life coach, this synchronicity and “collective wisdom” captivated me so much, that I decided to make it the cornerstone of everything we teach here at Legacy Life.

👇 Ready to hear the simple but powerful formula to human flourishing – Here is it:

1. Don’t take the easy roadAim for the brightest star you can find, then forge yourself into the kind of person that can endure the journey. You’ll not only arrive, you’ll become someone you’re proud of in the process.

2. Develop a mortality mindset: Train yourself to appreciate the gift of waking up each day, then invest your great creativity and productivity into moving the needle forward. This is the balance between gratification (having what you want) and gratitude (wanting what you have).

3. Decide NOT to play small: You have it in you to contribute something positive and meaningful to this world, something that leaves a legacy you’ll look back on and smile about. If you plan to hold your greatness back, then plan to spend your final moments wrestling with regret.

Toward that end, here’s what you can expect from me as your coach and teacher.

1. I will call you towards a higher road, both personally and professionally.

2. I will inspire you to seek balance -appreciating all you have, while you strive for all you’ll capable of becoming (happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise)

3. I will connect you to your greatest strengths, powerful motivators, and a clear sense of purpose that will propel you every step of the way toward the top.

Are you in?

Talk soon,


Evidence-Based Methods that Turn Ideas into Reality.

Everything we teach is grounded in the science of happiness, based on the psychology of success, as well as proven methods and mindsets from top performers around the world.

…Oh, and lots of coffee. ☕️

Overcome Any Obstacle in Your Way

With a Proven System for Achieving Greatness

First, we get clear on your next bold move:

With a compelling vision that “feels right” because it is strongly aligned with your greatest strengths, fulfillment circuits, and core values.

Then, we get focused on what matters most to you: 

With a proven plan for eliminating distractions, sparking creativity, and forging the habits that have you feeling accomplished and proud at the end of each day.

Lastly, we get going (and keep going):

With evidence-based practices that ensure you have the right mindsets, motivations, and roadmaps to overcome any obstacle (internal or external) in your way.

Looking for a Place to Start?

Check out our foundational life design course ILLUMINATE, and get on the path to the happiest, most successful years of your life.

See you there,


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